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Gianni and Bobbi Striped Polo Shirts

Gianni and Bobbi Striped Polo Shirts. These stunning and original Polo Shirts are a great summer addition to any Junior Golfers' collection. Designed in house to compliment our existing clothes, these polos are vibrant, current and fashionable. Sporting a modern logo in high density print. Soft and comfortable, they're easy to wash and easy to iron, the wicking qualities draw moisture from the skin onto the fabric which allows it to evaporate on the surface of the material.

Most kids find it really difficult to find trendy, good quality clothes that they'd be happy to be seen in. That's why we created this company, a clothing label just for kids to give them their own identity. These clothes would look good anywhere not just on the Golf Course

Sizes range from age 7 through to 14 years.

See yourself winning the Monthly Medal and becoming part of our growing community of Junior Sports Stars.

As we say here at 'everyshotcounts' #wearthebestbethebest.

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