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Junior Golf Clubs

As trained and experienced golf club fitters, it is our job to improve peoples game. We strongly believe that when juniors are involved there is no better range of clubs for them. From beginners to intermediate to competition standard these really are the clubs for your kids.

Choose from Yard Clubs for the absolute beginner, an inexpensive way to test their appetite for the game we all love.

Next there is Ultralight, for small kids to big kids, these offer the correct weight and flex in shaft to achieve maximum benefit for the effort put into those developing swings.

Finally there is Tour Series, these are top quality clubs built specifically for advanced juniors. These are not adult clubs with a shorter shaft they are weighted perfectly for their length and therefore offer the right weight and balance for your youngsters to excell and enjoy the sport.

Products are available as single clubs through to a full set including bag in colours to suit boys and girls.

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