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US Kids Golf
















We are proud to announce that we now supply US Kids Golf clubs and equipment.  

When young players play with clubs that fit, they quickly develop golf swings that will last a lifetime. The proper club length and weight are keys to solid fundamentals, and that's why players are fit into U.S. Kids Golf clubs based on height, not age. We have three lines of golf clubs that are designed to offer options for every skill set: Yard Club, Ultralight, and Tour Series. Just choose the right ones for you.
As a professional club fitter I will always recommend these as the best possible club for your child. Adults clubs have been designed to be a specific length, so when cut down the weighting system is all wrong causing children to develop a flat swing and not be able to control the club head correctly through the shot.
Email us with any questions you may have or to place an order and let us help your Junior on their golfing journey