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Girls' Golf Clothing

girls junior golf clothing
Stunning polos and skorts

Here at everyshotcounts we are conscious that girls are into golf just as much as boys. As such, with our junior golf clothing range, we make sure that during the design and planning process.

There is as much for junior girls as there is for boys. We don’t stop there though. Lots of our kid’s clothes are unisex, so no stereotyping here. 

We have highlighted the difficulty in finding what you need when looking for junior golf clothing and we believe we have succeeded in filling the gap.

No sacrifice has been made here, all products from polos to socks, from trousers to belts have been produced in a quality which is second to none. Neither style nor quality have been sacrificed for affordability in all of our stunning ranges.

Our signature trousers and shorts are as good as any you’ll find worldwide in children’s or adults sizes! we really are very proud of them.

junior golf clothes

Featured Products

Oozing quality and professionalism, US Kids golf clubs are, without doubt, the best quality Junior Golf Clubs available to buy right now. 

The height is specifically weighted for its’ length instead of cutting down adult clubs which create a very flat swing plane due to the head being too heavy for that length or weight of the shaft.

US Kids Golf make it easy to find the correct sized junior golf clubs for you. Simply measure yourself and choose the corresponding clubs which are right for you. If you have a question about anything please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
How to measure your junior for US Kids Golf Clubs

US Kids Golf Ultralight 39" 3 Club Carry Bag Set

US kids ultralight series

Beginners / younger players

US Kids Ultralight series are ideal for beginners or younger players, the quality is excellent, they can be bought as a package set with all you will need to get started. For example  you can buy a 4 Club Carry Bag Set consisting of a Fairway wood, a 7 iron, a Pitching Wedge and a Putter with a Stand Bag included. These are typically around the £145-£155 price point depending on size. Look here for further information


US kids tour series

The Tour Series come in both graphite shafts and steel shafts although the latter are only in 57” upwards. Where US Kids beat the competition is that they have more options in sizes and set make up. For example, you can have all graphite, or graphite woods and steel shafted irons. The graphite used is superior quality than that used in their Ultralight set but that obviously affects the price point. They can again be bought in complete sets, or as separate clubs. They do a full 10 club set consisting of a Driver, 3 wood, 4 hybrid, 5 iron-PW + SW Shown here 


Why not let them choose their own stuff with the surprise of a Gift Card