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Best Junior Golf Shoes 2021

Are you struggling to find the best junior golf shoes? You're going to be out on the course for over four hours so it's pretty important that you choose a shoe that's going to be right for you.

 ‘everyshotcounts’ was created because we understand the difficulty in acquiring good quality, good looking affordable golf attire for juniors. We’re working stocking some ourselves but until then we have put together a small list of junior golf shoes to suit most requirements.

 Making the right choice

 Possibly the most difficult item to get right for kids is finding the right golf shoes. In our list below there are spiked and spikeless, waterproof and breathable and prices to suit most pockets.

At the time of writing this article the links provided have stock of the shoes reviewed but obviously this is subject to change and I cannot speak for the the individual retailers. The retailers listed are just examples of where these shoes can be obtained.

Manufacturers only make a comparatively small number of junior golf shoes each year so finding the right pair to fit isn’t as straight forward as finding kids football shoes for example.

What's hot at the moment?

The list is in no particular order and one or two of the brands may not be as familiar as the others but don’t let that deter you from choosing them.

As we have found here with our ‘everyshotcounts’ junior golf clothing range, trying something new can be an eye-opening and surprisingly pleasurable experience.

Adidas Adicross Retro Junior Golf Shoes £44.00

 Available in plenty of sizes and in 2 colours, black or white, these shoes are spikeless and waterproof. The simplistic design looks as smart in the clubhouse as it does on the course. The soft Cloudfoam inner makes the shoe mould to your foot for maximum comfort. The unusual fish scale spikeless sole gives great traction helping you keep your posture through your swing. These are a classy looking shoe for the classy looking junior golfer.


FootJoy Pro/SL Junior Shoes £46.99

 Widely regarded as the number one shoe in golf Footjoy don’t disappoint with their junior version of the Pro SL shoe. The same in every way apart from how waterproof it is. Unlike the adult shoe it doesn’t come with a one year waterproof guarantee  but it will keep the rain off for the most part. Built just as well with very good support for those young feet you can’t go wrong with these.


Skechers Go Golf Blaster Junior Golf Shoes £49.95

 Skechers are better known for their casual, comfortable training shoes / day wear shoes. It’s great to see that they’ve used all of their knowledge and technology to make golf shoes. And more specifically they have started to make junior golf shoes.

 These are not a cheap option but they are a spiked shoe with a 1 year waterproof guarantee. This tells us that they’re serious about the quality of this shoe. They contain all of the benefits of the usual Skechers shoes such as the cushioned sole and the cushioned insole.

 Comfort is a real benefit of this shoe. The spikes are replaceable and they are the soft spike version so there’s no issue walking around the car park or the clubhouse. They start at size 2 and go up to size 5 so there’s a decent offering.

 Nike Roshe G Junior Shoes £39.95


Available in various colours and with sizes from 1.5-5.5 these shoes have the best choice amongst those in our list. They are as comfortable as a training shoe as they are as a golf shoe so can be worn on and off the golf course

This shoe isn’t waterproof but has a mesh upper which allows the feet to breathe. The sole is more suited to drier conditions also where it is more than capable of stability through the golf swing.

Nike have used the Roshe design in training shoes before so this design will look familiar to the younger generation. The large swoosh also panders to the more brand conscious of junior golfers.

The flexible and soft midsole feel more like a running shoe than a golf shoe making them as comfortable as any golf shoe on the market.

Puma Ignite PWRADAPT Junior Shoes £63.50


Sizes: 1-7 Then continue into mens sizes

Sporty looking and extremely comfortable.

These shoes are the exact same as the larger mens version. They have the IGNITE foam cushion midsole and the Tornado Cleats provide extremely good traction. They have a microfibre upper combined with premium leather outer layer and they come with a 1 year waterproof warranty. As with most junior golf shoes they are hard to get hold of and as such prices vary drastically. As they are made the same as the adult version, the price isn’t dissimilar. The cheapest I could find them was at the price above. But sizes are limited so you may need to shop around.

Inesis Golf Grip Waterproof Shoes £29.99

Comfortable and excellent value

Inesis is the own brand name for Decathlon, the Sports Giant. These shoes come in 2 colours and are a great gateway for beginners. Getting golf stuff you need for your child without it costing the earth isn’t easy. They perform well and look ok. If your kid isn’t too concerned about having a big name brand when they start out then these are perfect. I can’t guarantee durability but they will most likely have been grown out of before you have any issues. It is rare for junior golf shoes to be classed as waterproof so to have a 2-year waterproof warranty gives reassurance. They also start at size 13, a bonus if you’re not yet into sizes 1 or 2 which is where most manufacturers start at. A lot of technology has gone into making this shoe for the price.

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