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Do I need golf insurance?

The simple answer is whilst it's not an official requirement to play golf, if you're playing golf regularly or even just a few times a year it's wise to purchase golf insurance.

Don't have golf insurance? That could be an expensive mistake on the golf course

If you've not got golf insurance you could be making a big mistake. Having a specialised golf insurance policy helps bring peace of mind whilst out on the golf course, whether it's damaging someone else's property or breaking a window in the golf clubhouse, accidents happen. Clubs are stolen from golf courses all around the UK as they are seen as attractive and easy to sell. They can be stolen from boots of cars, taken from communal areas or even stolen from the locker rooms in some circumstances. You can check if home insurance covers you first. Home insurance can cover a lot of things in a number of ways but sometimes insurers are not covering golfing clubs or they don't cover you when you're at a golf club. You hit a small ball thousands of yards around a course and most people don't even know where the ball will land. This is no longer the 90s. They do not take anything and go on with their lives. They're demanding pay and compensation but it will, unfortunately, be very stressful.

What is golf insurance?

Golf insurance is like any other insurance but specifically for being used out on the course and helps to protect you against causing damage that can occur. Damage can be caused to people, properties, cars and much more, which is certainly a risk whilst out on the golf course. Golf insurance helps protect against personal liability claims whilst out on the course. Think about it, what would happen if you hit someone's car, smashed a window or even worse, smashing someone on the back of the head with a golf ball travelling at speed? Accidents happen, no one can predict what's going to happen in the future. Millions of golfers play golf ever year and don't have any problems, however there's also quite a lot who do face some expensive mistakes.

What are the benefits of golf insurance

Let's be honest, golf insurance is quite cheap especially compared to the costs of what can happen if something goes wrong.
  • Peace of mind on the course
  • Safe travelling with golf clubs that are insured abroad
  • Affordable cover for what it offers
There's two main types of insurance in golf which come to mind, however, golf insurance polices can cover you for much more than these two.

How does golf insurance work?

Signing up for a golf insurance package is simple. Golf coverage covers the costs of the replacement of a golf club, and this includes any damage you cause during playing such as hitting an automobile with a golf club. It may also help pay compensation for a traumatic injury suffered while playing golf and the cost of playing (your membership fees) if you can't play through injury. You can purchase golf insurance directly from the company or your golf club may include it in their membership.

Golf clubs and equipment

Insurance for golf equipment will protect you from loss or damages either when you are playing golf or travelling with your clubs. It can also include any equipment designed and bought to play golf such as golf balls, golf trolleys, clothing and GPS gadgets. Your insurance company may pay you for the replacement or repair of the equipment unless your claim has exceeded your claim limits. It will generally be your burden to pay the excess so comparing policies carefully can be a good option. Most policies do cover golfers and carts. Some of those policies allow you to add insurance to your buggy.

Personal injury

Many golf insurances offer payouts if someone is hurt while playing golf. It can also include a lump sum for personal accidents. Your insurer will pay the difference if you die from a serious accident involving your eyesight or limb loss.

Third-party liability

Third-party liability is extremely important, especially when involving golf, where it's possible to damage something or hurt someone. Normally these items offer coverage for the following: Injuring someone else: You can provide your insurer with compensation if you hurt someone during the sport.

Doesn't the golf club have an insurance policy?

Several misconceptions have been thought about golf clubs' insurances that will cover players and this is taken as a fact by many golfers. This is incredibly inaccurate. While the Club has the ability to defend its own interests when negligence is at fault for any injury a claim could arise against you due to your negligence.

Here's an example of what golf insurance is likely to include;

Always check each golf insurance policy specifically before deciding to buy, as they can vary between different providers.

Golf Equipment cover

Helps protect your golf clubs from theft, loss and damage

Public Liability cover

Helps protect against any claims from damage caused by you. Some policies insure you up to £10,000,000

Personal Accident

Helps to protect against any accidents you incur whilst playing golf. This is usually less than public liability insurance usually around £50,000.

UK Cover

Protects you anywhere throughout the UK

Worldwide cover

Some policies go even further and insure your equipment worldwide.

Golf Equipment Hire

If your clubs get stolen, a golf insurance policy can often pay for hiring clubs whilst yours are replaced. Please check the insurance policy closely, as some can offer lower levels of cover, for example, £250 - £500 when in reality your clubs could be double that.

Dental Treatment

Get protected from getting smacked in the mouth. Realistically though, most golf insurance policies have low protection here, often around £500, which might struggle to cover the bill with heavy damage.

Accidental Damage To Third Party Property

A smashed house window or car windscreen can ruin any game of golf. The cover is usually around a £2,000 but can vary from policy to policy.

Hole-In-One Bar Bill

Did you know in golf if you get a hole in one it's customary for you to buy everyone in the club house a drink to celebrate? Some policies can include bar cover up to £200.

Policies can also help protect against

  • Hospitalisation
  • Cover when operating golf buggies
  • Golf membership Subscription cover if injured
  • Tournament Fee Reimbursementup to £250
  • Personal Possessions(theft, loss, damage) Up to £250
  • Loss Of Golfing Trophies Up to £250

Golf is more dangerous than you might think

Thousands of golfing injuries happen in the United Kingdom yearly. These can range as far as being struck in your body by another driver's erratic shots or having your car windows smashed by a stray ball. It doesn't matter whether you scored well or not. Slipping or falling on a steep bunker or tripping on the muddy ground can sometimes be fatal. While sports have not always been considered risky, injury can be severe. It's not likely anyone is arguing golf is a dangerous sport. However, low-risk golf isn't without zero risks. Players have to play anywhere between 3 and 7 hours before going to the 19 holes to grab food and drink and leave expensive machinery behind in their cars.

How much does golf insurance cover cost?

One of the best things about golf insurance is that it doesn't cost a lot. Golf insurance providers often offer varying levels of cover, with the very basic plans costing around £30 per year and other more premium cover levels around £70 per year. Obviously, these are just basic estimates, however the amount you're spending will likely be around these figures unless you need a bespoke policy covering more expensive equipment.

Can I put my golf clubs on my home insurance?

Oftentimes, it's possible that your golf clubs are insured whilst in the home or you can add them to the policy so that they'll be covered. However, the biggest issue is that it only covers them in the home and not when you're out and about playing golf.

Can junior golfers get golf insurance?

This depends on the age of the junior, many insurers only insure adults, however, there are quite a few insurers who do insure children however there's usually some restriction on the age. For example, Golf Guard offer policies for junior golfers between 7 and 17 years.
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