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Do you need to wear a golf glove? A great guide

You may have seen golfers wear a golf glove and wondered if should you be doing the same. From what we see, around half of the people wear a golf glove, so, should you be wearing one?
What are the benefits of wearing a golf glove?
Golf gloves are available with almost every golf bag. While wearing gloves is not required, it can have a great impact on your swing and make more effective shots. In addition, it can help protect against high-impact situations and aid in retaining the grip of the hand.
Comfort and protection
The palm of the glove should be comfortable for your hand and should be bent to suit your hands. This can help protect your palms even if you hold the club too tightly. Please make sure that you put your hand into the glove for the safety of the swing. The finger is incredibly thin, so it makes it uncomfortable.
Blisters and callouses
Spending several hours driving a few miles or holding the ball too hard will cause blisters. Wearing gloves does not prevent this from occurring however reduces blistering and calloused areas.
Warmth and dryness
Golf gloves are designed to keep the skin dry during cold weather. Unfortunately the old saying " It doesn't always rain on golf courses ” has never really been true.
Sweaty hands
If the weather was humid, it was likely your hands were sweaty. Wear gloves on both feet to keep both hands on the ball correctly.
Which hand should I wear golf gloves?
Most golfers have gloves on their hands but some players do so with both hands. Some ladies use two gloves to keep their hands safe. Mostly though, you'll see guys only wearing one golf glove. If you're wearing one glove which is the most common, put it on the opposite of what hand you use the most. So right-handed golfers wear a glove on their left hand and left handers wear it on their right hand. This is because the opposite hand is the most dominant holding the club at the top.
Do you need to wear a golf glove?
You don't need to wear a golf glove, however, if you're playing golf a lot, that's a lot of friction is going to be created by transferring from the club to your hand. Continually swinging a golf club can cause blisters and callouses to form on the hands, to help protect against that, golfers wear gloves.
Do you need to wear a golf glove when putting?
Most golfers don't wear a glove when putting. This is because putting is less intensive than swinging a club but also for a better feel. It's perceived that wearing a golf glove hinders putting as there's less feel of the club.
Different types of golf gloves
Leather Golf Gloves Leather is the most common material for golf gloves. They are great as they naturally repel water making them water resistant but not fully water proof and offer a comfortable and flexible fit. Maintain it by giving it a quick clean after a round. Synthetic Golf Gloves Synthetic gloves are more flexible however generally aren't as comfortable as leather gloves. They are generally cheaper too, which is attractive to some golfers who prefer to use a glove for a few months and then replace it. They are easy to clean too, you can simply put them in the wash. Mitts You'll find some golfers love wearing mitts on both hands, even when playing. Whilst you'll certainly be warmer, they can offer less feel and grip compared to leather or synthetic gloves.
Ensure you choose the correct size golf glove
Golf gloves come in a variety of sizes, most often from Small to X-Large. The ideal fit of a glove should be quite tight and not much loose material. If you've got too much material flowing through it can bunch up and affect the swing of the club. Whilst you want it tight, it shouldn't be too tight, you want a little bit of flexibility and make sure it's easy to take on and off.
What is a cadet glove?
The difference between a cadet golf glove and a regular one is that cadet gloves have wider palms and shorter finger lengths. If you've got a regular glove and find that it just doesn't fit you correctly, try out a cadet one, you never know, it might improve your round of golf. You can find what you need here kids-golf-glove
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