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How many clubs in a golf bag?

It is very easy to start playing golf however it can also be easy to fall foul of the rules. When playing golf, if you've got too many clubs in your bag, you can get a penalty. For novices, the game can sometimes seem overwhelming and even discourage the player. Oftentimes, the rules for how many clubs are inside the golf bag get neglected if teachers are focused more on the key aspects of golf. All golfers must know what number of clubs to wear and carry. Here we answer the question and give many more helpful tips that are important for any beginner to golf and for any experienced player who has never asked the simple question.

How many golf clubs are allowed in a golf bag?

The maximum number of clubs any golfer can carry is 14. This adheres to games and tournaments all professional golfers and amateurs play.

Why is it a maximum of 14 clubs?

Did you know someone once played a round of golf in the 1935 US Open with 32 clubs? That's right, this got the attention of the USGA who decided a rule change was necessary and This organisation established 14 golf clubs allowed to have a maximum in 1936 which took effect in 1938. There are two main reasons for this, firstly, it makes a round of golf much easier the more clubs you have plus with each extra club the golf bag's weight increases. Thankfully, each golfer can choose whichever 14 clubs they want.

What to consider when kitting out your golf bag

  • Have the right amount of clubs
  • Have a towel for cleaning wet club heads and grips
  • Have enough balls and tees to get through around
  • Have a pitch divot repairer for fixing blemishes around the green
  • Have a glove if needed for comfort.

What if it's just a casual round with friends?

If you're playing golf with friends, then you'll probably be more concerned with how many balls they are going through rather than how many golf clubs each of you has in the bag. Playing in a golf tournament is a bit different to a casual game with friends who might not mind if you've got a few extra clubs in the bag. It's best though to ask before playing around, you may have someone who wants to stick to the rules.

So there are 14 clubs allowed, what should I go for?

Traditionally, a set of golf clubs included irons from three to 9, then a pitching wedge along with a sand wedge which is 9 irons altogether. Then there's a putter and a driver, a 3 wood and sometimes a 5 wood which gives you 13 clubs. Many golfers also like to use either a lob wedge or gap wedge (the club in between a sand wedge and a pitching wedge).

Should I opt for hybrid clubs or lower irons?

The introduction of hybrid golf clubs (also called fairway woods) has been revolutionary for the game of golf. In general, using hybrid golf clubs is much easier to get control and distance compared to lower irons. If you're choosing a new set of golf clubs, the best advice is always to test them out as there will be variances between the different types of clubs plus the same types will have minor differences too which can help certain types of golfers. Using a hybrid golf club can dramatically help reduce your scores.

Can you use another player's club to hit your shot?

It is forbidden to play golf with another person during a competitive round. The Golfing Clubs Rules of the United Kingdom prohibit the use and possession of 14 different clubs by any player at any age. If the golfer is using another golfers club, they must have used both clubs in their bag and in their competitor's bag.

What is the penalty for carrying more clubs?

If you're in the middle of a round and you realise that you're carrying more than 14, you'll receive a penalty. Penalties for holding 14 clubs differ depending upon the kind you play or the tournament. Even if this is just an error, you will still have to pay penalties if you have over 14 clubs in the bag . You should notify everyone in the bag of 14 clubs that you have. If you're playing stroke play, there's a two-stroke penalty for every hole you've played but it has a maximum of a four-stroke penalty. If you're playing match play you'll lose one hole up to a maximum of two holes.

Does each golfer need their own clubs?

All golfers need to have their own golf clubs. Every golfer must have their own clubs and bag, you can't share the same golf bag with a friend. Whether you're playing on a full golf course or a pitch and putt cause, sharing clubs massively slows things down when playing golf. So that the play speed can be maintained throughout the day on the course, and that a golfer can make a choice as he or she decides what shot is played with what club, it's a must that each golfer has their own set of clubs.

Can I add golf clubs during a round?

You can also add clubs in any round based on a player's car when you have a total of 14 players. Try to arrange things though. When it comes to golf you must have the necessary golfing equipment available. Even if playing an informal tournament, it will be better for you or the person who played it.

Can you ask a golfer what club they used?

If you're playing a casual game of golf with friends, of course, you can ask what clubs they are using, however, they might not want to tell you if you're up next. Asking other golfers about club selection can often help beginner players however be advised if they are more advanced than you, you might need to use a longer club. For example, if they've hit an 8 iron on a par 3, you might be better off using a 7 or 6 iron. The best way to identify what clubs to use is to distance gap your clubs. This means you could go to a professional golf instructor or to a driving range that has ball flight analysis and hit your clubs in order to see how far you're hitting each club. This makes club choice much easier.

Can you use less than 14 clubs?

If you want to carry fewer clubs in the bag then that's totally you're choice. There's no minimum number of clubs you must have, some amateur golfers like to take the odd number of irons out, e.g 5, 7 9, a driver, and perhaps a three wood or hybrid golf club, along with a wedge and putter too. When carrying fewer clubs, you can use a pencil golf bag which is much thinner and easier to carry than larger golf bags.

Can you carry two of the same club?

Yes, you can use two of the same club or even more if that's your preference, as long as you don't have over 14 clubs you're safe. For example, Phil Mickelson carried two drivers throughout the entire 2006 season, winning both the BellSouth Classic and Masters.

What happens if I break a golf club?

When you damage the club, you can change your club for free without penalty. The damages do have limitations though. The damage caused by outside forces like swings can be replaced through a replacement, however, breaking a club is deemed inadmissible when the player carries out a physical attack on the club such that he throws or bends it and it snaps.

Do clubs really matter in golf?

Yes, the golf clubs you use do make a difference in golf, however, you won't instantly or ever turn into Tiger Woods because of a set of golf clubs. There's a huge variance in club prices, ranging from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand pounds for a golf set, but the most important thing is to find a set that you feel comfortable with and that actually helps you play rather than hinder it. For example, beginner golfers need thicker club heads, there's a type called cavity back which is much bigger and helps you to not only hit the ball but also provides more forgiveness when swinging too.

How many balls can a golfer carry?

You can carry as many golf balls as you want. However, with each additional golf ball, the bag get's heavier. Ideally, you should carry enough balls to get you through the round which can be between a couple and over a dozen for some of the dreamers out there.
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