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What age should kids start playing golf?

If you're interested in getting your children into golf, you're probably wondering if they are old enough. Kids can get started playing golf from almost any age, all they need is a club and a ball and they are good to go.

It's great to start golf young but you are never too old

Like in any other sport, it is a good idea to start playing golf before getting too old. Most people may know that Tiger Woods was already hitting drivers when he was five years old and Rory McIlroy was also hitting balls at a similar age. There's no right or wrong time to get into golf, the most important thing is having enthusiasm for both playing and learning the game.

What's the Best Age to Start Playing Golf?

There's really no "best age" to start playing golf. You can find younger kids that start playing and then take to it, whereas other kids might enjoy playing but struggle more.

What's the best age to go to the driving range?

Driving ranges can be dangerous places. It's always important to keep an eye on your child at all times but it's all about the individual child, most children who get into golf experience the driving range from around age 4 to 5 but that's not to say you can't take them earlier if they are ready,

What's the best way to get young kids into golf at an early age?

If your kids are around 2-5 years old, then there are various different ways to introduce them to the game of golf.

Crazy golf

Crazy golf is one of the best ways for a gentle introduction to golf. It's fun, doesn't take too long and it can get really competitive. It's also cheap too and fun for the whole family.

Pitch and putt

Pitch and putt is great for the whole family, kids are usually ready to play from around three years old.

Video games

It's not a secret that kids love playing video games. Getting a golf game can make things fun and see if the child has an interest in it. However, if you're child doesn't love play it doesn't mean they'll never love golf, they might just need to get a club in their hand to truly appreciate the game.

Golf parties

If your child has a birthday coming up, it could be a great option to get down to a local golf place for kids where they can spend a few hours having fun and learning golf.

How Do I Know My Child is Ready For Golf Lessons?

Your child is typically ready for golf lessons once they've developed a swing and got some constituency to their game. It's often advised for kids not to have golf lessons straight away which can stifle their game and make things less fun.

How to Find a Kid's Golf teacher

If you're looking for a golf teacher for your child, the best thing to do is to look at what local golf clubs are around you. Also, look for clubs with proactive junior sections where your child could benefit from being around juniors like them who are starting their golfing journey. There are two main types of golf lessons, there are private individual ones and group lessons. Group lessons are the best way for kids to learn the fundamentals of golf and help hone their skills. Group lessons can make things more fun, and more competitive, allowing kids to get into golf faster

Remember playing play golf begins with “play”

Ultimately, kids will only fall in love with the game of golf if they are enjoying it. Putting too much pressure on children can be detrimental to their enjoyment of games, things have to be fun, let things flow naturally.
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