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What are the benefits of playing golf for kids?

Golf isn’t just a sport, playing golf is more of a lifestyle. There are so many benefits to playing, from the mystical benefits to the mental ones, we discuss them below:

Golf is the perfect all around sport

Did you know golf is one of the most popular sports in the world? Whilst it's an incredibly frustrating game, people around the world just love playing golf, and with good reason too. Golf helps brings people together, teaches people about playing to the rules and being fair and leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Playing golf can reduce stress and anxiety

What’s better than getting into the fresh air and having a four-hour walk whilst occasionally hitting some balls? Playing golf helps to make you feel relaxed, well as long as you’re not stressing about how terrible you are at golf, and if that’s the case, you can always find a good golf teacher.

Simple to play at a low-level

Golf is known as one of the best sports in the world, the reason for this is mainly down to the handicap system. A golf handicap allows players of any ability to play against each other, so there’s going to be a level of competition, no matter who you’re playing against. Though it can be easy to get started, it’s very difficult to become great at golf, but totally possible for anyone will to put the time and effort in to learn it.

Golf is social

Although you can play golf alone and many people love to do this, it can be a great way of making friendships both on and off the course. Golf attracts people from all walks of life, forget the stuffy image of golfers in the past, golf is for everyone now. Meet golfers of varying different levels and make friends for life. One of the benefits of getting a golf membership helps you to integrate into golfing life and meet potential friends for life. There’s always time too when the clubhouse is more fun than the actual golf course.

Become psychically fitter

Golf courses are around 5500, 7000 yards which are between three to four miles on average which provides a good level of exercise. If you’re playing golf once a week, that can burn around 500 calories per game and if you’re walking faster you can potentially burn more.

Golf is low impact

One great aspect of golf is that almost anyone can play it. Even if you’ve got injuries that prevent you from playing other sports, golf is a low impact on joints and muscles which helps players continue playing into old age. Even if you’re not the most mobile, most golf courses have golf buggies that can help you get around the course with even less stress on your joints.
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